Safety Razor by Leaf Shave

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Say good-bye to disposables and HELLO BEAUTIFUL to these sleek safety razors from Leaf Shave. We guarantee... these are not your mother's or father's shavers!

The tilting head allows for smooth passage along the curves of virtually any part of your body, whether snug along a jawline, or delicate around knees, ankles and, yes, even that tricky bikini area! 

These razors are an investment but will be yours for a lifetime. No more battling big drug store bills, bulletproof plastic packaging, or single-use guilt - you can feel good knowing you are making a change for the positive!

Best when paired with Leaf replacement blades and Leaf blade recycling tin for safe storage and disposal. 



Usage: Replace used blades as needed, and please keep out of reach of children.


Eco Values:

All natural | Recyclable



100% steel 

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