About Us

We’re not experts in zero-waste living at EcoFillosophy – just a couple of moms with a passion for clean living, exacting standards and dreams of a brighter future… for a world that has never asked much of us.

We know the difference each family can make – one inspired decision at a time – from the products we use to the values we’re passing down to our kids. And we use our voice to help educate others looking to live more sustainably and advocate for change.

We have been gradually adapting zero-waste principles in our homes for over a decade. Having grown up living the 12Rs (out of necessity!), we felt a return to simpler times was overdue given the plastic pollution we’ve been witnessing. Once we realized it was possible to live low-waste, and saw the benefits first hand, we wanted to make such options more readily available. And, now that our kids are older and more eco-conscious, we have time to dedicate to making it happen beyond our little families.

Opening EcoFillosophy is part of our long-term vision for a cleaner and kinder world. Our storefront in was opened in July 2020 – yep, in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic! We’re just THAT passionate about our 'ecofillosophy'.


The Co-Founders

Thanh To began a low-waste lifestyle by adopting back-to-basic habits her parents taught her during a time when plastic over-consumption and plastic pollution did not exist. She would be the first to admit that replacing plastic products in her life has not been easy, nor could it be done overnight. But, she is convinced that everyone can make a difference, no matter how small. Starting with buying refillable bulk household cleaning products for use in her own home, Thanh and her family have been making all kinds of adjustments in their lives to adapt the new 12Rs of sustainability.

Renata Darling is imperfectly living the 12Rs of sustainability with her family (and sometimes reluctant friends!), and is committed to minimizing our engrained reliance on plastic packaging. She is determined to reduce the human impact on the planet by promoting environmentally-friendly and, wherever possible, ‘Made in Canada’ alternatives for those looking to make small changes with big impact. With one foot firmly planted in the corporate world and another sprouting roots in the eco community, she spends downtime at the shop and putting her journalistic and research skills to work absorbing all she can find on green living, natural ingredients and homeopathic remedies. And, occasionally makes time to catch a Toronto Blue Jays or Maple Leafs game at home with her boys!