Our Ecofillosophy

Our 'ecofillosophy' is about shopping smarter, being kinder consumers, demanding better and more eco-packaging, paying fairly for handmade Canadian products, and thinking carefully about what we leave behind for future generations to manage.

We’re about quality, eco-friendly, local, Canadian-made, Canadian-designed, ethically-made and cruelty-free products that have earned our trust, and we are confident will help reverse the damage done by our reliance on plastic – from increasing health sensitivities to the direct impacts seen on our environment.

We’re anticipating the return of a simpler life. One in which people don’t take more than they need, and are defined by their sense of community. Where ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ has grown to embrace the 12Rs of sustainable living:

    1.   Respecting: the planet and its resources
    2.   Remembering: and reconsidering individual needs before purchasing
    3.   Refusing: to buy plastics or single-use that don’t align with personal values
    4.   Reducing: to buy less and waste less
    5.   Reusing: what we have, or giving others the chance
    6.   Returning: items that could be refurbished or given new life
    7.   Refilling: existing containers, extending the life of plastics or using renewable sources like glass or aluminum
    8.   Rotting: waste in backyard or city compost programs, including buying compostable materials
    9.   Restoring: and replenishing natural resources we have been taking from the earth
    10. Repurposing: old items in new ways to extend their life and divert from landfill
    11. Repairing: damaged items and continuing to use them, rather than tossing as waste
    12. Recycling: items that can responsibly be diverted, as a final effort, only after other efforts have been exhausted

The low-waste journey is certainly an adventure, and while not always easy, we believe it is one well worth exploring. As conscientious consumers, we may not always get things right along the way but every bit helps, and making small changes as a community can have unexpected outcomes.