3-piece Razor Shaving Set by Rockwell Originals

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Ever since we watched our daddies shaving with a brush, shave soap and a safety razor, we've known what a visceral experience it can be to shave with style. And given the amount of plastic that disposable razors contribute to landfill every year, it's even more impressive today.

Give your man the gift of style this holiday season with this exclusive three-piece set, featuring:

  • A Rockwell 6C adjustable safety razor in Gunmetal Chrome, with six settings to ensure the most comfortable shave for even a novice safety razor user.
  • Matching Gunmetal stand
  • Five Rockwell razor blades
  • Synthetic bristle shaving brush (soft bristles with firm “backbone”)

Pairs well with Rockwell Originals Barbershop Shave Soap.


Eco Values:

Recyclable | Refillable | Sensitive skin | Made in Canada 


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