Razor Blades (50 single edge blades) by Leaf Shave

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Specially designed for Leaf safety razors, these single-sided, replacement blades are made of cold-forged Swedish steel, and come in packs of 50 for peace of mind that you'll almost always have an extra on hand when you need it most. The blades are recyclable and deliver zero-waste shaving and smooth legs for ages - all for the cost of a single disposable razor. 

For use with Leaf Safety Razor, and best paired with Leaf blade recycling tin for safe storage and disposal. 



Usage: Replace used blades as needed but please keep out of reach of children, and do not dispose of blades in curbside recycling.

We suggest storing used blades in Leaf blade tin. Once tin is full, seal with tape and ship back to Leaf Shave for recycling: Leaf Shave c/o RECYCLE, 48 Taugwonk Spur Road Unit 2, Stonington, CT 06378

Alternately, blades can be wrapped in cardboard and taped securely if disposing of in trash.

Eco Values:

All natural | Recyclable



100% steel 

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