Wooden Pumice Foot Brush

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We've all got em. Those rough edges on our feet that catch on hosiery, leggings and even our fluffiest socks. Whether flips flops have taken their toll, or winter's dry air has your feet in need of a bit of TLC, this is the perfect brush for you.

With natural, volcanic rock pumice on one side of the bamboo handle, and a brush for gentle cleaning on the other, this little guy will help keep your tootsies looking their best between pedis, and can even be used for dry brushing.




Use on skin soaked in soapy water. After washing, gently rub the stone in circular motion on your feet. Brush handle is not waterproof so please store in a dry place.

Eco Values:

Biodegradable | Compostable | Vegan 



Bamboo, volcanic pumice stone, polypropylene bristles

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