Please find below a list of resources from our EcoFillosophy Team. We hope you find them helpful along your eco-journey.

Feel free to share these with friends and family, but note that commercial use of any of these materials requires our express written consent. Please contact us at [email protected] - we'd be happy to chat.


2021 Holiday Gift Guide 

We've been planning a month's worth of giving, events and holiday shopping for everyone on your list - from that friend who has EVERYTHING (Instagram-worthy coconut milk-bath anyone?) and the tough-to-shop for man on your list, to the teachers who have finally taken your kids back… to class, of course!

And as the best (self-declared!) one-stop "Stocking Central" shop (say that ten times fast!) south of the North Pole, you won't want to miss out on the fantastic pocket-sized "stuffers" and gorgeous gems we've stocked up on to help you fill up those socks for a fantastic Christmas morning.


Holiday Preparation Checklists

  • Week 8 - setting budget, make a gift list, research sustainable gifts and start crafting.
  • Week 7 - planning advent calendars, shooting family photos, getting natural holiday greenery, planning eco-conscious gift wrapping, shipping gifts.
  • Week 6 -  (early) last-minute shopping and help your kids shop or craft gifts, sending holiday greetings, budgeting for donation, planning volunteering.
  • Week 5 - making a list of deals and places to shop on Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Small Business Saturday, tree shopping, Christmas week planning and mailing/shipping cards and gifts.
  • Week 4 - decorating, decorating, decorating... and baking... and getting your advent calendars.
  • Week 3 - cleaning, more baking, planning menu, and take time to enjoy the great outdoor.
  • Week 2 - start cooking some stuff, hanging stockings, wrapping presents, and enjoying family movie time. OMG!!
  • Week 1 (whoa!) - checking your lists once, checking your lists twice, be nice to yourself and planning for time to relax when the holidays come around.

And just like that, Christmas will arrive, and the holidays will be over.  Happy holidsays to all!!


Not-so-fairy-like Story Time with EcoFillosophy

  • Story #1 - The tale of plastic and how big business is the one benefitting and leaving their clean-up to the public.
  • Story #2 - The nightmare around commoditizing drinking water and what happens when we rely on others to save the world by recycling.
  • Story #3 - The unsavoury side of the fast-fashion industry and how fast deforestation happens.