Special Recycling Programs and Collections


As of May 19, 2022, we have special recycle collection boxes for:

Please check links for acceptable waste and how it works before bringing your special recyclable waste to the store.

In addition to the above Terracycle zero-waste boxes, we also collect prescription pill bottles, as part of The Items to Keep Out of The Landfill program, spearheaded by earthub, an Ottawa-based non-profit organization run by volunteers. The prescription pill bottles are reused in international disaster relief efforts. Please ensure your pill bottles are clean (washed and dry), free of label, glue-free, and come with working lids before dropping them off at our store.

Thank you!


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Current collection programs, January 2022.




Introducing our special recycle corner


Special recycle and collection programs


Divert snack wrappers and oral care waste from landfill