Synthetic Shave Brush by Rockwell Originals

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This is one product we struggled with - synthetic or natural? So we asked our test group - our husbands, sons and friends. And it was a 'six-of-one, half-a-dozen-of-the-other' comparison. We were still torn... so we did our research and ordered both - hear us out.

This synthetic brush is a perfect choice for those looking for longevity, a soft but hearty bristle and those who don't want the odor or guilt associated with natural bristles. Animal-friendly, this brush has an acrylic handle but can handle years of service so we don't feel as bad about the plastic. 

Pairs great with matching Rockwell 6C Safety Razor, Rockwell Inkwell-Style Razor Stand, Rockwell Swedish Razor Blades, Rockwell Alum Sticks and Rockwell Barbershop Soap.

Look here for our alternate wooden brush with boar bristles. Like we said, six of one...



Eco Values:

Cruelty free and Canadian based. We know, we know. This product doesn't meet many of our eco-values but we're doing our best to deliver a product that will last and meet your needs. 



Acrylic handle, synthetic bristles

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