6C Safety Razor by Rockwell Originals

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Zero waste, there when you need it, and saves you a fortune on shaving - does it get any better than Rockwell's 6C Razor?

With six adjustable blade exposures, this safety razor ensures a personalized experience for the most sensitive skin to the coarsest of hair. No bumps, razor burn, nicks or irritation means its equally appreciated by beginners and safety razor aficionados alike, and constructed of gunmetal chrome-plated alloy means you'll get a lifetime of reliable (and stylish!) shaving at a fraction of the cost of disposables. 

Comes with 5 Rockwell stainless steel blades, but be sure to pick up extras so you never fall short.

Pairs great with matching Rockwell Inkwell-Style Razor Stand, Rockwell Swedish Razor Blades, Rockwell Synthetic Shave Brush, Rockwell Alum Sticks, and Rockwell Barbershop Soap.




Load razor by unscrewing handle. Remove top cap. Add razor to top cap. Select adjustment bar that best suits your shaving needs and place on pin with number setting facing the handle. Replace top cap with razor blade on adjustment bar and screw into place. Apply shave oil (if using) to hair, followed by shave cream or lather. Find comfortable angle and shave per usual, using both sides of razor.

Eco Values:

Recyclable | Refillable | Sensitive skin | Designed in Canada



Chromed zinc alloy

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