Natural Wooden Shave Brush

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This is one product we struggled with - natural or synthetic? So we asked our test group - our husbands, sons and friends. And it was a 'six-of-one, half-a-dozen-of-the-other' comparison. We were still torn... so we did our research and ordered both - hear us out.

This natural brush is a perfect choice for those looking to use less plastic, produce less waste and enjoy the lather a natural bristle brings. With a wooden handle and natural bristle, this brush can be composted after years of solid use.

Pairs great with matching Rockwell 6C Safety Razor, Rockwell Inkwell-Style Razor Stand, Rockwell Swedish Razor Blades, Rockwell Alum Sticks, and Rockwell Barbershop Soap.

Look here for our alternate synthetic bristle brush. Like we said, six of one...


Eco Values:

All natural | Compostable. We know, we know. This product doesn't meet many of our eco-values but we're doing our best to deliver a product that will last and meet your needs. 



Wooden handle, boar bristles

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