Narrow-neck Bottle Brush with Soft Cotton-tip

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These narrow-neck bottle and vase cleaners work wonders getting even the yuckiest of build-up at the bottom of those small-neck vases or our EcoFillosophy refill bottles! The galvanized steel wire handle is strong enough to prevent breakage and having to fish loose pieces once inside and the cotton tip prevents scratching to ensure you containers last. Comes in the following lengths:

Small - 20mm circumference x 25.5cm length

Medium - 25mm circumference x 26cm length

Large - 30mm circumference x 26.5cm length



Usage: Wet brush in soapy water, guide brush through narrow necked container and use soft cotton tip to wash away residue. Rinse and dry brush between uses.

Eco Values:

All natural | Recyclable 



Galvanized steel wire, natural bristles, cotton tip

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