Reusable Silicone Swabs by NakedSwab

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Ditch disposable by switching to these reusable silicone swabs. Each case comes with two swabs featuring three different tips. Designed to last up to 2,000 times, simply use them the way you would any traditional swab - whether to clean ears or apply make-up - wet and massage tips with soapy water, rinse and allow to dry before reusing!




NakedSwab is a sanitary, reusable alternative to cotton swabs and can be easily cleaned using soap & water! For removing make-up, dip the tips in makeup remover before use to get the most optimal result.


The tips are not secured to the post/stick and are designed to come off for easy cleaning and hygienic purposes. As with traditional cotton swabs, NakedSwab is not meant to be inserted in the ear canal. 

Eco Values: 

Reusable | Lead free



Medical silicone (with plastic stick).

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