"Soft Spot" 8X Concentrated Liquid Fabric Softener by Live for Tomorrow

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Like that extra bit of softness and gentle scent that a fabric softener can add to laundry? If so, this is the one for you! Plant and mineral-based, it is safe for the whole family, unlike dryer sheets that are full of chemicals. Use this concentrated "Soft Spot" softener in combination with a Live for Tomorrow (liquid or powder) detergent and some wool dryer balls, and your kids may never leave home. That's a good thing, right?




Sort by color and follow garment label instructions. Use 30mL (1/8 cup) for a light load. For a normal load use 40mL (1/4 cup) and heavy soiled garments use 60mL (1/3 cup).

You’ll get 50 wash loads from this small bottle.

Eco Values:

Plant and mineral based | Biodegradable | Cruelty free | Dye free | Fragrance free | Hypoallergenic | Paraben free | Phosphate free | Septic safe| SLS free | Sulphate free | Vegan | Leaping Bunny Certified | Made in Canada



Deionized water, Soy Alkyl Group (softener), Essential oil (fragrance).

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