Shave Soap by Lavami

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The addition of beer to this luxurious shave bar makes for a decadent experience. With it's dense lather and excellent slip, the men in our families swear by the bar and haven't looked back since. Comes in reusable tin.




Simply wet round in warm water, rub against the bar of soap until it bubbles and use to wash the impurities from your day off of your skin.

Eco Values:

All-natural | Biodegradable | Non-toxic | Cruelty-free | Dye-free | Fragrance-free | Paraben-free | Phosphate-free | SLS-free | Sulphate free | Reusable | Recyclable | Made in Canada



Coconut oil, palm oil, beer, sunflower oil, lye, olive oil, castor oil, cocoa butter, bentonite clay, sweet orange and cedarwood essential oils

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