Safety Razor by Well Kept

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These solid brass razors are made in Canada (not easy to find!) and offer a great opportunity for those looking to make the switch from disposable to reusable, without sacrificing a close shave. Eliminating the irritation that often comes with disposable razors, these babies are worth the upfront investment and can pay off within the first year. Not to mention they're PRETTY... and will last FOREVER!

The faint of heart often ask what they need to do differently with a safety razor, and the truth is... NOT MUCH! Take your time, keep your razor clean and blades sharp, and your razor will take care of you FOR LIFE. 

Note: Razor comes with one blade.  Purchase razor blades and a blade bank for recyclable disposal. Blades and banks can be returned to Well Kept for recycling, and the company will forward you a fresh blade bank at no extra charge. 

A storage canvas wrap is available to keep your razor, spare blades and blade bank safe.




Start with skin that is warm and exfoliated. Apply a good quality soap or oil to lubricate, and without applying pressure, and guide shaver to glide (WITH the grain to avoid irritation or against for a closer shave). 

Eco Values:

Recyclable | Refillable | Made in Canada



100% brass.

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