Premium Reusable Cutlery Set - Adult

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Be a star (or at least look like one!) by unfurling this beautifully-crafted flatware set with you anywhere you eat! Put plastic behind you and elevate your dining experience (even while sitting at your desk or the lunchroom at work) by treating yourself or someone you REALLY love to these modern and luxurious powder-coated, stainless steel sets.

Set comes wrapped in a velvet bag (!!) and includes one fork, spoon, knife, two straws, straw cleaner and a set of chopsticks to make sure you are prepared no matter where or what's on the menu!

Available in six stunning finishes: Gorgeous Gold, Sexy Silver, Cool Copper, Not so Basic Black, Incredibly Iridescent and for a limited time, Bespoke Blue. 

Limited edition Crisp Champagne is new and available now.  The colour is in between Gorgeous Gold and Cool Cooper.

Also available in child size here




Wash between uses, dry with included cloth and store in velvet back or box between uses. Reusable and dishwasher safe.

Eco Values:

Recyclable | Reusable | Made in Canada 



Powder coated stainless steel.

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