Premium Reusable Cutlery Set - Child

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Your little princess or rock star can be the envy of all their friends when sporting the luxurious powder coated, stainless steel utensil sets. And they can even match mom or dad at their next restaurant meal - whether fast food or four star! Eliminate the need for single use plastic cutlery by always having your own on hand.

Set comes embossed with a dog, cat and rabbit for that bit of extra fun, is wrapped in velvet and includes one fork, spoon, knife, a straight and bendy straw and straw cleaner to make sure your littles are safe with utensils that pass your test for cleanliness.

Also available in adult size here




Wash between uses, dry with included cloth and store in velvet back or box between uses. Reusable and dishwasher safe.

Eco Values:

Recyclable | Reusable | Made in Canada 



Powder coated stainless steel

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