Glitter Playdough

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There's nothing like glitter to get your little one's creative juices flowing - whether they're in fairyland, sailing the seven seas or atop Hawaii's Kīlauea volcano. And mom and dad can feel good knowing the plant-based dyes, biodegradable eco-glitter and essential-oil scented doughs will provide hours of safe play for kids, with no impact on the environment.




Little Larch playdough is best when played with on a clean, dry surface and stored in an air-tight container in a cool, dark spot (the fridge is perfect!). If drying occurs, add a few drops of water and squish playdough back to life. While made of natural ingredients, dough it is NOT intended for human consumption and parental supervision is recommended. If skin irritation occurs, discontinue play.

Eco Values:

All natural | Biodegradable | Compostable | Cruelty free | Dye free | Recyclable 



Flour, salt, cream of tartar, arrowroot powder, coconut oil, and jojoba oil. Plant-based dyes include beetroot, turmeric, purple potato, spirulina, annatto, cocoa and charcoal.

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