Reusable 4-Pack Dryer Balls

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This set of four dryer balls eliminates the need for chemical-laden dryer sheets, reducing drying time and electricity, and prolonging the life of clothes. That means no harsh chemicals, perfumes, or dyes to contend with, and the ethically-sourced Merino, Polworth, or Corriedale sheep's wool minimizes wrinkles and static by separating clothes in the dryer and absorbing moisture.

Dryer balls are available in 3 colours: white, grey and brown, and a set of four dryer balls comes in a beautiful EcoFillosophy muslin storage bag. The colour does not affect the performance in any way and will not transfer to the clothes as it is the natural sheep's natural colour.




Use all four balls in each load. Store them in your dryer between loads. Good for 1,000+ loads.

Eco Values:

All natural | Chemical free | Dye free | Compostable | Ethically sourced | Fair trade | Fragrance free | Hypoallergenic | Paraben free | Phosphate free | Sensitive skin | SLS free | Sulphate free | Unscented | Made in Canada 



100% wool

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