Calendula Cream by Lovebee Products

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An incredibly moisturizing balm for dry skin, this cream has a light scent and absorbs readily, leaving dry, flaky and even cracked skin hydrated and smooth. Organic ingredients have what it takes to restore your body's moisture barrier, yet are gentle enough for newborns.




Scoop out the desired amount of Calendula Cream and apply to dry areas of skin, closed wounds and/or burns. 

Eco Values:

All-natural | Biodegradable | Non toxic | Cruelty free | Dye-free | Gluten free  | Fragrance-free | Organic | Reusable | Recyclable | Made in Canada



Olive oil, Distilled water, Golden Jojoba, Avocado oil, Beeswax, Calendula flowers, Cocoa butter, Willow bark extract, Vitamin E oil, Chamomile essential oil, Lavender essential oil.

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