Beach Glass Hand Soap

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These individual rainbow-coloured slivers of glycerine-based handsoap are as beautiful as they are functional! Place a handful in a dish and you'll practically hear the waves. A perfect gift for those stylish friends sporting nautical flare!




Take one piece of soap, wet, lather and wash until used up, then grab another! 

Eco Values:

All natural | Biodegradable | Cruelty free | Dye free | Fragrance free | Non toxic | Paraben free | Phosphate free | SLS free | Sulphate free | Preservative free | Fair trade | Reusable | Recyclable | Made in Canada



Cocos Nucifera, Elaeis Guineesis Oil, Cathamus Tinctorius Oil, Glycerin, Water, Sodium Hydorxide, Sorbitol, Sorbitan Oleate, Avena Sativa, Protein Extract, Mica blend of essential oils.

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