Compostable Bamboo Bandages

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Did you know that 25% of people can't wear bandages due to reactions to the materials used to produce them? Patch bandages are made from 100% renewable and sustainable bamboo, and enriched with coconut oil to facilitate wound care, using a mineral-based adhesive to deliver a latex and toxin free alternative for people with sensitive skin. Both biodegradable and compostable, they're also covered with super cute pandas, making them a perfect choice for children. 




Bandages and packaging are compostable.

Eco Values:

All natural | Biodegradable | Compostable | Cruelty free | Dye free | Ethically sourced | Fragrance free | Hypoallergenic | Organic | Paraben free | Sensitive skin | Sulphate free | Unscented | Vegan 

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