Refill Program

At EcoFillosophy, we offer clients the benefit of filling our 'on-tap' products for them as part of our full-service model.

Clients are invited to purchase our beautiful, clear glass bottles, aluminum vessels, or metal tins (with coordinating pumps or sprayers where relevant), borrow a sanitized donated jar, or bring their own empty clean containers in which to bring home samples or larger quantities ranging from a few millilitres to three litres (!!) for those looking to 'HomeFill' at home or the cottage.

We can help you determine the right product based on your needs, from our many product types and popular lines: 

Personal care:

    1.   Shampoo
    2.   Conditioner
    3.   Multi-purpose hair/body products
    4.   Styling hair gel
    5.   Hand soap
    6.   Body and hand cream/lotion
    7.   Body wash
    8.   Bubble bath
    9.   Toothpaste/toothpaste tablets
    10.   Dental floss
    11.   Deodorant
    12.   Facial skincare (scrub, cleanser, toner, serum, moisturizing oil)
    13.   Hand sanitizer

Home care:

    1.   All-purpose cleaner liquid and tabs
    2.   Dish soap
    3.   Dishwasher tablets
    4.   Hand soap
    5.   Laundry soap liquid/tablets/powder/strip
    6.   Toilet cleaner tablets
    7.   Disinfectant liquid  

We sanitize, tare (or weigh) and label your container, fill it with on-tap product in view of customers, and calculate your total.

If there is something specific you are looking for that we do not carry, please let us know. We are always looking for new products and vendors to work with that fit our 'ecofillosophy' and align with our business and service values.